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Jett Morgan Treatment Services, LLC started providing services on April 4, 2011 in its prior location in the Anchorage Downtown Transit Center.  As of July 2016, our office has moved to the Business Park near C Street and Tudor Road, in building A.  We obtained a 3-year national accreditation from CARF on June 26, 2015.  We are also certified through the State of Alaska Division of Behavioral Health and Department of Corrections to provide services.  

Jett Morgan Treatment Services, LLC is owned Michelle Jett, AAS, CDC II, BHC II.  The owner manages the company with 17 years of substance abuse treatment experience in both the non- and for-profit sectors.  We have an excellent reputation within the professional field and work with other service providers to ensure that our client’s needs are met.  Additionally, Michelle Jett completed two internships with the Wellness Courts under the Anchorage Alcohol Safety Action Program.  We reach out to other agencies and organizations to improve services for clients and secure needed resources.

*Locally Owned and Manage! *State and Nationally Accreditation!

*Flexible Scheduling!

*Fast and Friendly Service!


We believe that substance use disorders are multi-faceted and include neurobiology, genetics, emotionality, social structures, family systems, spirituality, environmental factors, and co-occurring conditions. While relapse is common with substance use disorders, we do not believe that it is part of the process necessary to achieve sobriety. We believe that everyone has the ability to refrain from substance use by making good decisions, taking responsibility, and regaining control over their lives.

Treatment is strength based and positive to help individuals become excited about their recovery and we encourage participation in recovery-based activities and support groups. We create dissonance to assist participants with identifying and correcting incongruences between their actions, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and goals. We incorporate a variety of modalities to ensure that treatment is attuned to the specific needs and learning style of each individual client. Treatment modalities include the following:



 • Motivational Interviewing

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

• Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

• Crisis Intervention

• Psychoeducation

• Client Centered Therapy

• Solution Focused Therapy

• Cognitive Neuroscience


We believe in the therapeutic value of promoting accountability by accurately reporting behavioral and treatment issues in a timely manner to elicit the assistance of the referral source to ensure that sanctions are provided to address the negative behavior and refocus participants on behaviors that will lead to their long-term success and reduce overall recidivism rates. Our comprehensive reporting plan includes contacting the referral source immediately on the day of first contact with participant to provide a release of information form, request collateral, and relay appointment information. The referral source will be informed of status, progress, and next scheduled session immediately following every kept or missed individual appointment. Upon request, we also offer weekly and bi-weekly scheduling for those who need additional supervision.

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